• FREE EVENT – Join our 'Charcoal Creative Challenge' at the Angelo St Marketplace !

    FREE EVENT – Join our 'Charcoal Creative Challenge' at the Angelo St Marketplace !


    BIG NEWS - We've decided to make this a FREE event. 

    We want to make the Charcoal Creative Challenge more accessible and get you creating!  If you love the experience you're welcome to make a donation, but this way, your budget isn't whats stopping you stepping outside your comfort zone for some creative fun!  Tickets are still limited so register ahead of time if you don't want to miss out, otherwise it's first-in best-dressed!

    Tickets will also be available at the door. Ticket holders are advised to arrive 5 minutes before the event to check-in. Being a free event, late-comer tickets will be given away.

    Charcoal and Champagne are very excited to be joining the City of South Perth Angelo Street Marketplace on the 26th of March to bring a series of short family-friendly "Charcoal Creative Challenges"!

    So many of the individuals that come along to our adult classes enquire about being able to have their children join them at the sessions recognising all the wonderful benefits of not only learning creativity - but also wishing to share the expereince with loved ones in such a fun way.

    So if you or someone you know might get a kick our of a bit of charcoal fun in a beautiful setting like the Angelo Street Marketplace in South Perth – grab a couple of tickets and come along!


    Grab your mum, dad, grandparents, friends and kiddies – get ready to create some fabulous masterpieces ... and share in a fun expereince of the Charcoal Creative Challenge together!

    We are also running a competition giving you a chance to WIN TICKETS to Charcoal & Champagne .. follow the link to enter !

  • Charcoal & Champagne at The Conscious Mother Retreat in Bullsbrook

    Its exciting to have Charcoal and Champagne joining forces with a worthy cause – The Conscious Mother Retreat Weekend with Kirstin Bouse..

    We all have our vulnerabilities, and it is a unique and special opportunity to spend time appreciating something that is SO familiar – we all own one, yet so many of us don't fully appreciate it – the human form.

    Spending time with a professional model who allows us to look, appreciate and interpret their body, whilst being guided by a Creative Coach in a unique lateral-thinking creative session, often has a surprising impact – changing the way individuals not only think of themselves, but also how they appreciate the beauty and uniqueness of a 'real' and far from photoshopped body ... and more often then not, discover along the way, that despite starting off as a complete amateur in the arts – that they ARE creative, and CAN actually draw.

    If you're curious about the retreat itself and the work Kirstin does with Mothers as a psychologist ... you can find out more

  • Life-drawing boosts body image .. RESEARCH BACKS IT !

    IMAGE :  Article from Sunday Times, Body + Soul Magazine 10 January 2016
    BELOW:  Original article about the research by Anglia Ruskin University 

    The naked truth – life drawing boosts body image

    Published: 7 December 2015 by Anglia Ruskin University original article

    New research by Anglia Ruskin Professor shows benefits of attending art classes

    New research shows that attending life drawing classes has a positive effect on body image, particularly for women.

    Viren Swami, Professor of Social Psychology at Anglia Ruskin University, carried out two separate studies which will be published by the journal Psychiatry Research.

    The first study, conducted between January and May 2015, involved 138 men and women, aged between 18 and 76, who regularly attended life drawing classes.

    Amongst women, greater attendance was significantly associated with higher body appreciation and a lower drive for thinness and social physique anxiety.  For men, greater attendance was significantly associated with higher body appreciation.

    Because of the possibility the classes might attract individuals who already possessed positive body image, the second study involved 37 women taking part in a life drawing session for the first time.

    Professor Swami, of Anglia Ruskin’s Psychology department, said: 

    “These studies indicate that life drawing classes may promote an embodying experience that leads to a healthier body image amongst participants. 

    “Life drawing sessions may also provide spaces for people to explore relationships with their own bodies and critically appraise media depictions of ‘idealised’ bodies. 

    “If the results of these studies can be replicated and extended, life drawing may emerge as an effective means of promoting healthier body image across the population.”