• TESTIMONIAL : Eve Perry

    TESTIMONIAL : Eve Perry

    There is nothing more motivating for me, then hearing how people's creative journey continues beyond their 'Charcoal and Champagne' experience... the only thing to top it is knowing the classes actually taught them something or reawoke a spark in them to explore their creative side.

    Here's a snippet from a heart warming email I got from Eve this week ... she join us at the November 'Big Drawing Workshop' last year after coming along to a 'Charcoal and Champagne' pop up on her own – thank you Eve for sharing! x

    "I just wanted to say thank you for my experiences at your classes you are a great teacher and you really inspired me to get back into my drawing and try a few new things. Since the classes I have got myself an easel and some charcoal and have started doing more and more drawing (mainly of my pets so far)." Eve Perry

  • Wesley College teachers take on the Charcoal-Challenge for wellness

    Wesley College teachers take on the Charcoal-Challenge for wellness

    A little peek at some of the bendy Charcoal-Challenge shenanigans with a few of the Wesley College teachers as part of their end-of-year wellness day!

    Some absolutely brilliant 'masterpieces' and no shortage of humour as everyone took on the fun of stepping outside of their comfort zones celebrating the end of the school year & beginning of some well deserved holidays. 

  • SPECIAL EVENT : BIG Drawing Workshop with Charcoal & Champagne

    SPECIAL EVENT : BIG Drawing Workshop with Charcoal & Champagne

    PERTH ! If you've attended a pop-up Charcoal and Champagne life-drawing session before, you know our classes are fun and full of brain bending challenges in a non-competitive, but supportive environment with other eager-to-learn (and have fun) 'budding artists'.

    Now, we've created a very special event for those of you who might still consider yourselves beginners, but are ready to learn MORE and CHALLENGE yourself further. 

    Our full-day, large-scale 'Charcoal and Champagne' Drawing Workshop is the opportunity for you to now start exploring the 'how to' side of drawing ... and develop further skills and techniques to help you bring your 'hidden talents' to the surface and get your 'creative-thinking' brain buzzing!

    You will also be given the opportunity to work on a 'BIG SCALE' - yes with large scale easels like a real 'master' in a studio setting.

    The class will be broken up into 2 sections - the morning session where you will work with our first model, learning new skills and techniques – and the afternoon session, where you will start applying some of these new skills whilst drawing a life-model on a large-scale easel with charcoal.

    For more info and tickets visit :

  • You've come across our Charcoal & Champagne classes, but you're not sure they're for you?

    Here's a little insight into why they might be ... 

    Charcoal and Champagne life-drawing classes are specifically designed to be social and cater for those very individuals who are nervous about drawing or being creative and who might ‘believe' the ‘stickman’ is the limit of their ability.

    Despite this, the classes also work on the ‘personal challenge’ level for people who might have more experience 'being creative', and might like to have a bit of fun pushing themselves out of their comfort zone – yes even artists & creatives have comfort zones.

    Ultimately, it really doesn’t matter who you are and what you think you can achieve creatively – you will simply be challenged in a non-competitive & safe space, to just 'do your best' and take the challenges presented to you by me, Aneta, your personal creativity coach, as inspiration to interpret in your own, unique way.

    There is NO right or wrong in the class. 

    Technique is NOT a focus in the class. 

    Rather, it is a class designed to inspire the personal development of each individuals’ creativity, irrelevant to everyone else in the class.

    Step outside your comfort zone

    The only thing required for someone to participate, is wanting to give something a go that they might not normally get an opportunity to do, and so, allow themselves to have a go at an unique experience, in a unique setting … and ultimately, the opportunity to ‘maybe’ surprise themselves with what they achieve whilst having a bit of fun and a laugh.

    On another level, some might find it a little uncomfortable having a life-model before the class. 

    This is also a unique setting where the human body is celebrated and appreciated in a non-sexual arena. The models are all professional, comfortable with their bodies, and are of various shapes and sizes. 

    I have a strong belief this too provides a healthy attitude to body-image, challenging media perceptions of nudity and its sexualisation. Its a beautiful opportunity for students to respectfully observe and ‘celebrate' the form of the body in the class whilst interpreting to paper what they see. 

    At its very core, I run the classes because I don’t believe in the boxing in of people who ‘are' or 'are not' creative. Creativity is a fundamental part of everyday for everyone – we are born with it, it just needs to be nurtured.

    All art materials are supplied as well as lighting and specially selected music to set the atmosphere and complete the fully immersive, multi-sensory experience.

    Hope this gives you a bit more insight into the Charcoal and Champagne sessions.

    Please feel free to read through some of the testimonials to get more of an idea about what people get out of the sessions, and get in touch if you require any further information.

    "All children are artists. The problem is how to remain an artist once he grows up. ” -Pablo Picasso

  • An evening with Charcoal & Champagne at The Conscious Mother Retreat MELBOURNE

    Some of you may know, Charcoal and Champagne recently had the pleasure of joining the fabulous Kirstin Bouse again as part of her The Conscious Mother Retreat – but this time in Melbourne! 

    What a wonderful evening in a gorgeous space working with a group of special mums taking the time to nurture their minds and souls ... challenging their 'learnt' limitations. 

    Shortly after the ladies arrived for their 3 day escape, they were greeted with glasses of bubbles, a spread of tasty morsels ... and their first activity of their retreat – their FIRST EVER experience drawing a gorgeous pregnant model in a life-drawing class guided by their very own Creativity Coach, Aneta Wnek

    So beautiful to be part of the transformation of what might initially be such an incredibly 'uncomfortable zone' for some – working thought it together - and them realising they 'can' draw and be creative by giving themselves 'permission' to be more, different, and free of preconceived limitations.

  • FREE EVENT – Join our 'Charcoal Creative Challenge' at the Angelo St Marketplace !

    FREE EVENT – Join our 'Charcoal Creative Challenge' at the Angelo St Marketplace !


    BIG NEWS - We've decided to make this a FREE event. 

    We want to make the Charcoal Creative Challenge more accessible and get you creating!  If you love the experience you're welcome to make a donation, but this way, your budget isn't whats stopping you stepping outside your comfort zone for some creative fun!  Tickets are still limited so register ahead of time if you don't want to miss out, otherwise it's first-in best-dressed!

    Tickets will also be available at the door. Ticket holders are advised to arrive 5 minutes before the event to check-in. Being a free event, late-comer tickets will be given away.

    Charcoal and Champagne are very excited to be joining the City of South Perth Angelo Street Marketplace on the 26th of March to bring a series of short family-friendly "Charcoal Creative Challenges"!

    So many of the individuals that come along to our adult classes enquire about being able to have their children join them at the sessions recognising all the wonderful benefits of not only learning creativity - but also wishing to share the expereince with loved ones in such a fun way.

    So if you or someone you know might get a kick our of a bit of charcoal fun in a beautiful setting like the Angelo Street Marketplace in South Perth – grab a couple of tickets and come along!


    Grab your mum, dad, grandparents, friends and kiddies – get ready to create some fabulous masterpieces ... and share in a fun expereince of the Charcoal Creative Challenge together!

    We are also running a competition giving you a chance to WIN TICKETS to Charcoal & Champagne .. follow the link to enter !

  • Charcoal & Champagne at The Conscious Mother Retreat in Bullsbrook

    Its exciting to have Charcoal and Champagne joining forces with a worthy cause – The Conscious Mother Retreat Weekend with Kirstin Bouse..

    We all have our vulnerabilities, and it is a unique and special opportunity to spend time appreciating something that is SO familiar – we all own one, yet so many of us don't fully appreciate it – the human form.

    Spending time with a professional model who allows us to look, appreciate and interpret their body, whilst being guided by a Creative Coach in a unique lateral-thinking creative session, often has a surprising impact – changing the way individuals not only think of themselves, but also how they appreciate the beauty and uniqueness of a 'real' and far from photoshopped body ... and more often then not, discover along the way, that despite starting off as a complete amateur in the arts – that they ARE creative, and CAN actually draw.

    If you're curious about the retreat itself and the work Kirstin does with Mothers as a psychologist ... you can find out more