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    I'm sure I'm not alone in saying that, when you start something new, really different, forged from the depths of your heart and passions, despite the joy it gives 'you' - its not always an easy journey with many challenges, obsticles, and without certainty how your 'best intentions' for others will be received.

    I feel so blessed that since I started Charcoal and Champagne in 2015, it is words like these from Paula received as feedback, really provide fuel for me to push on, helping to reassure me that there is something special that happens in the few hours I spend with my budding artists as I take them through the Charcoal and Champagne life-drawing experience.

  • BEFORE & AFTER ...

    BEFORE & AFTER ...

    Sarah from our recent Charcoal & Champagne life-drawing class holding up her first and last picture from the evening after 2 hours of drawing .. the results speak for themselves